Eco Soaker:

Eco Soaker

  1. This toy is made of environmentally sustainable materials. Hours of fun by filling this toy with water and drench your friend or foe.
  2. Made in the USA.
  3. Product and Packaging made from recycled packing.
  4. Ergonomic handle is easy to hold for children and adults.

Link to PDF Instruction Manual
Link to PDF Eco Soaker backer (full size)
Link to full size image of Eco Soaker

Construction Blocks

Giant Construction Set

24 piece Giant Construction Block Set

Boys and girls of all ages love construction toys. Our Giant Construction Set is perfect for young builders. Large, easy to handle blocks allow your child to stack and create a skyscraper. How about building a house for her dolls or a stable for her horses? Does your child love the great outdoors? Building a cabin or fort is made easy with this new Giant Construction Set. Add in any of the other ImagiBricks Giant Building Block sets and an entire city can be built!

Each sturdy block is made in the USA with at least 50% recycled material content and no lead based ink is used in the printing of the graphics. All of the blocks can be wiped off allowing for years of continual use.


Simple Assembly Required

Construction Blocks