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Amazing things happen when
you put small children in front of
a pile of ImagiBRICKS TM .
They see endless possibilities.

“Endless Possiblities”
A pirate ship to sail the seas
A castle strong and mighty
A bumpy bus with plastic keys
A kitchen clean and tidy

A tower high protects the troops
A race car sleek and quick
A horse coral and chicken coops
All built from cardboard bricks

Trisha Lee Shappie

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Parents Choice

2 - 6 yrs.
Imagibricks Giant Building Blocks 40-piece Set
Imagiplay, Inc.

Constructive play begins with the kind of large corrugated cardboard blocks beloved by generations of children.  They are light enough even for toddlers to carry and stack, yet large enough to show quick results, and strong enough to stand or sit on.  Their proportional sizes, based on a 6” X 6” square that is 3” high, also includes half-squares and double squares; you can easily see how preschoolers will learn the concepts of addition, equality, and fractions even before they can understand numbers.

Ruth B. Roufberg ã2000 Parents’ Choice

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Smart Monkey Toys Products are 100% made in USA and Recycled Material Smart Monkey Blocks