About us

The Smart Monkey Story

The Early Days

Smart Monkey Toys was formed by two long-time friends & fathers Dan & Jason. The story began when Dan & Jason started a warehousing & fulfillment company called Manilla Gorilla in 2000. Manilla Gorilla's first customer was a company called Imagiplay, the maker of the original cardboard building block called the Imagibrick. 

More than fulfillment

The Imagibrick was (& still is) the highest quality cardboard building block on the market. Dan & Jason had seen firsthand the positive impact the blocks had on their kids and developed a love for the products. In 2005, after five years of helping grow and expand the product, Manilla Gorilla purchased the Imagibricks product line from Imagiplay and formed Smart Monkey Toys. Ever since, Dan & Jason have been running Smart Monkey with the goal of providing parents with a safe, sustainable, & educational play experience for their kids.